Cover of the first book

All of the featured animals in the artwork have memorable names and personalities with educational and enjoyable stories. The stories are being developed at this time.

Colonel Baltimore DePlume

The Colonel is a bald eagle who was retired from the Eagle Corps because he was nearsighted. He still wears his Eagle Corps jacket, which is highly decorated with his medals. The main character, pictured on the front of the book is Amie Christine who is an 8 year old little girl. The whimsical and mischievous monkeys are named, Mick, Jags, Rags, Precious, Razzle & Dazzle. The monkeys are forming a band called "The Toe Jam Band" and the next story will be all about their activities.


Mick & Jaggs

Razzle & Dazzle


Featured by Home Shopping Network (HSN) our first collector doll Zara, who is the primary character in the 2nd book being developed at this time, sold out in a record 20 minutes after being aired.


Soon there should be wallpaper murals, based on this wonderful whimsical design, as well as borders with the entire design available for your child’s room or a rec room/family room.